I have now been billed for the same products twice. I need you to immediately reverse the charges for the $78.15 that you took out already. I had reported that there was a charge on my bill for something I did not order. It was adjusted and another charge for some $68.00 was also taken out. Therefore there is a total charge of $140.00 plus or minus taken out. Please reverse the $78.15 immediately.

If you keep all the records, you can see I have been a Pampered Chef customer for about 15 years. This is not setting too well with me.

I also asked how I can get the knife replaced that I previously ordered. This is the first item that I do not like from Pampered Chef. It it the paring knife with a very sharp curved blade.

I really would like to replace it with the regular paring knife.

Please advise.

Thank you very much.

Ellen Sargent

26035 Bellemore Drive

Ramona, California 92065

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Rensselaer, Indiana, United States #931026

Perhaps posting this here, in this forum, which has nothing to do with Pampered Chef, the company, is a good indicator as to you not reading the warranty or anything else on how to resolve an issue.

Seattle, Washington, United States #797010

I hope you've figured out by now that this is NOT the way to contact the company. But just in case, try calling 1-888-OUR-CHEF.

Although it's been MONTHS since your original post, so you've either resolved it or are too upset about it not being resolved to attempt resolving it now. lol

New York City, New York, United States #778743

I certainly hope you were not posting that HERE expecting the company to respond. This site has nothing to do with the company.

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