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I have had a large bar pan for years and broke the edge of it. A friend invited me to a Pampered Chef family, so

I ordered one. Upon receiving it today, it is smaller than my old one, not as heavy and the finish is not as good. I have always been very happy with your products but if all the others are made like this, I am done ordering and my cupboards are full with Pampered Chef products. Makes me sad, angry, and wondering what this company will make that is substandard again.

Thank you for listening. Darla McAllister

416 East 5th Street

Hastings, Ne. 68901

Review about: Pampered Chef Bar Pan.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Alexandria, Louisiana, United States #934454

i agree about the bar pan. i was a consultant 15 years ago and love the bar pan and used it a lot, and still use it.

i signed up again recently when i broke the rectangle stone and saw all the cool products that have changed or been added. the bar pan now comes in the kit and it HAS changed. it doesn't feel as heavy/sturdy as the original. also, the stones used to be buff colored out of the box.

this one had a grayish tint.


It sounds like you may have ordered a different size. Originally there was only the Bar Pan (now the Large Bar Pan).

Now there are three sizes. If it is not the one you want Pampered Chef can help you exchange it. The phone number is (888) 687-2433.

You'll need to return the one you have and pay the difference in the one you have and the one you want. Hope this helps.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #625425

I have had my large bar pan for over 10 years and got a new one when I became a consultant a year ago in my kit. They were the same size, was yours older than this?

These stones have to be seasoned, so your finish will not be the same as your old one.

It takes time and much use! Just be sure to oil it well in the beginning and it will begin to get darker the more you use it!

to Anonymous Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1191074

You're lying.

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