I’ve never been so disappointed in a company in my life. The day before Thanksgiving, I was drying a Pampered Chef clay baking dish and it snapped in my fingers.

It had been washed hours before so there wasn’t a temperature issue. The dish severed my ring finger on my left hand and I think it also severed my tendon as I still don’t have full functionality in that finger. I sent a note to one of the vice president (Jeffrey_Liebling@pamperedchef.com) and he forwarded my note to a call center. The gentleman at the call center could hardly speak English let alone help me.

I told him that I didn’t want the $40 dollars back; however I did want them to evaluate the quality of the product. He said “Miss, that is out of my control.” REALLY? Needless to say, they’ve lost a very loyal customer. But they don’t seem to care about “just one.” Since this time, many of my friends have said that their clay baking dishes have broken too.

PLEASE, as consultants, warn your customers that those clay dishes can break causing serious injury.

I'm spreading the word everywhere that I can think of to keep anyone else from an injury! Thank you!

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To all of you consultants who are making fun of someone who has an injury. ALL products can potentially cause injury so don't be naive.

By the way you talk about the customer, that alone would make me avoid Pampered Chef. You don't even know this person! Shame on you!

Bye, bye Pampered Chef. I'll buy from someone who has some compassion.


I purchased the clay cooker and a big hunk chipped off the corner and now its unusable. I had only used it three or four times and it was still new.

It really is a pain in the rear to return and takes forever, so I've opted to take the loss!

Also, I ordered the vegie peeler but the quality is very disappointing. I have purchased Pampered Chef products over the years and have always like them but now the prices are very, very high and I don't believe you get the same quality.

Savannah, Georgia, United States #658615

" I was drying a Pampered Chef clay and it snapped in my fingers.

It had been washed hours before so there wasn’t a temperature issue. "

it was washed hours before your DRIED it..... REALLY???? HOURS.... clear up your story before you try and down grade products....

to ***sultant #983374

If you live in a humid climate-like Hawaii- you can wash dishes and put them in your strainer, and after a few hours, when you put them away, drying is still necessary. so, don't REALLY me...ignorant and mean spirited people should fact check before getting their attitude on. Someone qho lives in hawaii

Chicago, Illinois, United States #649620

If you were injured using a TPC product, I know for a fact that would be taken serious. Could not imagine any one there stating it is out of their control.

TPC cares about their cutomers as I am one!!! NOW MAYBE YOU HAD YOUR STONE FOR SEVERAL YEARS, WITH NO INFORMATION AND NOW MAKING UP A STORY ABOUT YOUR FINGER. How can you say you think you severed your tendon?

What did the doctor say? I think :grin you didnt go because you know :p it didnt happen

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #710862

Oh they take it seriously for a day, then keep pawning you off to their settlement company then again to another company, etc, etc. All talk, no action.

Why would anyone post something about an injury if it weren't true? This product should not just snap at room room temp.

There should be a warning since I have personally experienced this as well as others I know. This post sounds like it's from TPC.


I've been a consultant for 10 years and I've never spoken to anyone at The Pampered Chef that couldn't speak English. All Pampered Chef calls are answered in the U.S.

I'm sure you did sever your tendon if you severed your finger! How could you cut your finger off and not sever a tendon? Anyway, thanks for the laugh!

I don't think you are harming the good name of The Pampered Chef. Customers everywhere know what wonderful customer service TPC has. They've built their reputation on it!

The Pampered Chef Stoneware has a three year warranty against breakage during normal use and The Pampered Chef has an excellent reputation for replacing broken stones.

I'm not sure about the finger - hopefully you got it reattached! :grin

to ***sultant Addison, Illinois, United States #690984

She was talking to Syed Anwar in the solution center. He can be hard to understand sometimes - so I do know what she is talking about.

I used to work at the Home Office and work with Syed. He is a good guy , but not always the best at being a customer point of contact.

AS for the stoneware - it's not nearly as durable as many people think.

At times, certain lots or batches of product just seemed to fall apart for no obvious reason. TPC and their supplier cant get to the bottom of why it happens, but they do a VERY good job of keeping the information from the consultants.

to ***sultant Dallas, Texas, United States #710856

Why would you make fun of this situation? I too had one snap off and nicked a tendon.

Yes, I had to do 4 months of physical theraphy and yes the person she is probably speaking about is Syed Anwar at Corporate in Financial Services and Risk Management. Have a little compassion and hope this never happens to you.

Perhaps you need to use google and see the many other instances unless you are really at Corporate posting this nonsense.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #620409


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