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Despite being a long time consumer of Pampered Chef, I think my shopping days here are done. I purchased a rotary cheese grater at a community fair from a consultant after my previous one of 10 years broke (the handle snapped off, and the warranty was expired).

This Pampered Chef consultant sold some stuff off her table as well as took orders. I ordered an oven mitt along with purchasing the cheese grater off her table. I have been extremely disappointed with the quality of this new cheese grater as the handle flew off several times as I was trying to grate some hard cheese. After this happening more than a handful of times, I called customer service to replace or return the item.

Even though I have the receipt in hand, apparently they cannot do anything without a show or order date. Somehow I don't have much hope of getting help from the consultant because it took her SEVEN weeks to get the oven mitt to me and that is with several reminder emails. This is one sour experience that I don't care to go through again. If this consultant ever does get back to me, I'll take the refund and go use the cheap IKEA cheese grater instead.

I expect Pampered Chef to stand behind their products and help the customer despite the consultant. Now I know better.

Review about: Pampered Chef Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Please don't let your bad experience with one consultant (who apparently gives poor customer service)refect uour opinion of the whole company. I, (an 81 year old man) have been a consultant for almost 10 years.

I pride myself on giving exellent customer service. My customers are asked to,if they have a probelm, to conatct me...not the company. If the issue is something that I've done wrong, or neglected too do, Onli I can correct it. If it's a product problem, I can frequeently find a solution when the people in customer service cannot.

My party customer, catalog cuustomers and on line customers all receive the same, excellent service from me. Most cunsultants pride thenselves on giving great customer service.


I am a consultant out of Michigan, I am so sorry for all of your bad experiences. I have had in nothing but good experience with any problems I have ever had in my 26 months as a consultant.

If I can ever help any of you, I would be more than happy to.

As for the customer service you have received, please don't let that determine your future purchases with Pampered Chef, but sadly that is what ruins it for those of us who only want to do our best at servicing our customers! I hope you find it in your heart to keep Pampered Chef in your homes and have a better experiences next time.


I purchased 5 1/4 cup rectangular Leakproof glass container with lid through a consultant. Upon opening the container the lid did not securely fit to the base.

3 of the tabs "clicked" appropriately creating a tight seal, but the 4th tab did not "click" down or create a snug fit. I contacted Pampered Chef customer service for a new lid, assuming the first was just a lemon. They told me that it was past the 30 days since I purchased it and I would have to pay to ship it back. I said that I didn't even get the product from the party host until after 30 days.

That did not matter to them. I then asked if I could just send back the lid so they could exchange it for a new one. The service rep told me no, I had to send the entire product back. Because it is a glass container and heavy, the shipping weight would not be cost effective for me to ship it back.

I expressed my frustration. The consultant put me on hold and then came back to tell me she would put through a one time exception to the 30 day policy. She told me to expect a shipping label to come through my email within 24 hours. That never happened.

I then called back and the new rep told me that in the notes taken from my previous phone call, the resolution I am claiming was offered to me, never was. I told her the notes were inaccurate and that I wasn't lying. She put me on hold, came back on saying she talked to the original rep and that person claimed she never made an offer to me. I asked her if they taped phone calls and she refused to answer that.

She basically continued to accuse me of making up a story instead of trying to right the wrong of their product.

I would not purchase this again. The prodcut was defective, Pampered Chef didn't stand behind the product, and it was severly overpriced. Yesterday I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased the same product (Glasslock brand).

It was a set of five containers (not one). The set of 5 was $15.99 from BB&B with the coupon; the 1 container from Pampered Chef was $20 plus shipping.


WOW I feel like PC is under the attack and I have to save them! I am not even a consultant any longer but call the customer service number and tell them that you purchased it from a vendor fair, have a receipt which should have the consultant name and information on it somewhere and let them know you want a new one.

If you have the newer grater it only has one grater the older model had the two-if that is the grater you bought at the fair chances are she was selling off some of her own stock and might not be covered under warranty since it is old-not sure the warranty on it but would guess 2 years? Try calling 888 687 2433 and if it is the single barrel it isn't that old may be like four seasons.


Had to phone customer service twice regarding return authorization on parts my order - one was an error THEY made, the other was for an item I simply wanted to return. Both times, the agents I got were nasty & condescending. Maybe because I called with a problem/dissatisfaction they felt the right to treat me like garbage.

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