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This is second deep dish and third stoneware piece to crack in half while baking!! Calked customer service and since it was replaced once it cannot be replaced again! I'm not buying their junk again!

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1246694

I don't like any of that stoneware stuff....I'd never eat off of anything you can use soap and water on. Just "scrapping" it doesn't clean it to me.

Mount Pleasant, Michigan, United States #1240259

I have a red stoneware baking dish that I have had for about five years, my favorite Baking dish! I used it today to make scalloped potatoes, nothing frozen or too cold, it cracked as I took it out of the oven. I paid a fortune for this dish, so dissapointed!

East Hartford, Connecticut, United States #1198444

I bought 2 happened to me 2x after only a few uses

I'm done using pizza stone

If I'm going to use one by somewhere else not as expensive this pampered chef

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1186373

I cannot believe these companies are able to defraud people with all their false claims and lies!!!


There are a few reasons that stoneware cracks when baking with it. If you put it in when it's too cold, like if you put cold food on it and it sits on it long enough to make the stone cold, it will get hot, after being cold, too quickly. I have that same dish, and it's never cracked.

to Anonymous #1490027

Oh it will! Had my baking pan for years, it’s nice and dark and never put anything cold or frozen in it.

Yesterday it cracked in half!

I didn’t do anything different then I usually do! I’m so mad!




I have several pieces of Pampered Chef stoneware that I purchased from my friend who was a consultant in 1994-6. I still have all of my pieces and they are seasoned well!

I have heard of others that have had the same thing happen that you described. Here is what my friend told me that might be the difference. 1.) There is a reason they sell all sizes of stoneware. Make sure the piece you use is 2/3 covered with food.

So don't put one chicken breast in the middle of the deep dish baker. Use the small baker for that small of a portion.

2.) Always use a cooling rack out of the oven. The top of the stove or counter can be too hot or cold for the stone.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1004435

I have the same stoneware above which I have had for years and years and absolutely loved it.

I went to take it out of the oven last night to use it for rolls and it broke right in half. I couldn't believe it.

I don't know if anything can be done to replace it.

Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks so much!

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #934629

If you put meat that is frozen on the stone and use in the oven you will have thermal shock, the use and care that comes with each product will point this out. So did you place a piece of frozen meat on the stone?

Southaven, Mississippi, United States #923867

It's called thermal shock. Make sure you read the instructions before using to prevent this. You can't change the temperature rapidly on any stoneware.

Clark Mills, New York, United States #890366

have an oval ceramic roasting dish. When I went to use it, it was cracked in half. I purchased this some time ago so I don't have any further information(date purchased, hostess, or receipts).I Know you have a lifetime gurantee I would like to this item replaced

to none #907292

All stoneware only has a 3 year guarantee. Sorry this has happened to you.

to none Accord, New York, United States #965670

Please contact me and I will help you replace this item.



to KristieH Granger, Indiana, United States #1234746

I had a deep dish baker that was my go to for baked chicken. Last month I baked a pork loin with vegetables and it cracked during baking with my dinner in it!

I called Pampered Chef's customer service line and they told me since it was over 3 years I may want to consider hosting a party so I could maybe get another one at a discounted price!!??

Is there a maximum temp? I had the temp over 400, but pizza is baked at a higher temp than that and my pizza stone hasn't cracked.

to KristieH Fort Washington, Maryland, United States #1246516

I have a deep dish roasted that has hairline crack! I have a lot of other pieces and never a problem!

Is it just this roaster??? Store with lid on it wonder if that reason! After reading posts seems a lot problems with this piece! If you can help would appreciate!


Danddfry@comcast.net. Dena

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