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My mother spent almost 50.00 for an egg carrier back in 2006. This carrier - you can put the piece that the eggs go on in the freezer to keep the eggs cold for a long time during a party.

Well i went to use it for my Nephew's graduation party and when it came out of the freezer, the tray was kinda wet. It seems that the seam of the tray cracked and the "freezing" stuff was leaking out of it. I contacted pampered chef tonight 7-30-13 and they told me that the egg carrier was out of warrantee and they discontinued the item. I said that i thought pampered chef stuff was warranteed for life.

The person who answered the phone told me that only the Cutlery and Bake ware are life time, everything else has a limited warrantee. My mother has said she will no longer buy items from this company, I called my sister who had the party, she also thought everything was under life time - i told her no - and then she said she will never buy again. and i was supposed to go to a party next week, but after this i called the person giving the party, not a dealer, that all stuff is not life time, she said that she is not going to buy any thing and that she is canceling her party because everyone she has talked to also states life time warrantee, not limited.

I did ask the girl who answered the phone if there is a "Like" item, and there is -- it is the new Cold and Serve which is 46.50, i asked her if they would trade for my egg carrier and she said she could not because it is out of warrantee, but that she could give me a 20% discount if i wanted to buy it. I said no thank you, i already have a egg carrier that is useless.

She was very polite, but the company is bad. They should trade it out.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #744129

As an active PC Consultant and a 25 year customer, I am not sure what this is all about since I have never been instructed by the company that all of our products have a life-time warranty or guarantee. Each product comes with paperwork that states its USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS, warranty or guarantee time frame, where it was made, that it is not to be used for commercial purposes and that you should retain your receipt for future communications.

This information is, also, listed on their website, under each individual product. I attend 2 monthly training meetings and we are even warned that if we use any product outside of the USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS, then we are voiding the warranty or guarantee. What can be offered in this situation is to see if there is a replacement part for the item that is leaking.

If it is no longer being made then the company did offer a discount. I stand behind the company that I work with and they still remain in the top 20 direct sales company in the country.


In Pampered Chef's catalog it is clearly stated the warranty for each and every product. The Forged Cutlery, Executive Cookware and Stainless Cookware are the only products that have a lifetime guarantee as only as the customer uses the products according to the product use and care. I personally know of people whose cookware and cutlery have been replaced by Pampered Chef.

Orange Beach, Alabama, United States #699509

If you had purchased this item from Target, wal-mart, bed bath and eyond or any other retailer and took it back 7 years later would you seriously expect they would replace it? They wouldn't have offered you 20% off on another item either.

I'm not sure why you think every thing at PC is life time warranty.

In the catalog it shows in the picture of each item how long the warranty is. People are a trip.

to PB #737170

To PB from Orange Beach…Target doesn't get most of their sales by promising a LifeTime Warranty like Pampered Chef does. They are using the old bait and switch technique.

Their pan warranty has been gutted as well. Is any one surprised by people who actually take a company for its word and are then mad when they fined out the company or its consultants who they train conned them.

I hope this person held them to account and has posted her revelation all over the internet. Shine the light on *** artists everywhere.

to ccb Seattle, Washington, United States #796999


Where did you ever see that PC offered everything in its catalog as a lifetime warranty? It's stated MULTIPLE places exactly what the warranties are.

It's not bait and switch just because you hear from someone who heard from someone who bought a product that was lifetime warranty and wrongly assumed everything was that way.

I've been selling for 3 years now and at every training we are expected to know the warranty of each of the highlighted products at that meeting. Granted every director runs their meetings according to their training style, but the information given to every director is the same and it ALWAYS includes Use/Care/Warranty.

to annonymous Kent, Ohio, United States #973072

Approx 10 yrs ago the reps always said that PC products we're lifetime warranty and would exchange free of charge!!!! With that said I could always justify my many purchases.

Now they say they are not! I have a broken plunger pitcher and a broken easy accent decorator and the current rep told me that the number in the circle (in the catalog) indicates the warranty year(s) for each product, you must also have the receipt for your return.

PC's policy has definitely changed over the years!!! Now I don't feel that I can fully trust The Pampered Chef Company....

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