I purchased an item from a Pampered Chef consultant several years ago. At the time it was pricey - as most items from this organization are - but was assured that it carried a lifetime guarantee.

Now this product has failed and I contacted the "Solutions" department of Pampered Chef. Although I provided the consultant's name and location, their "solution" is that they are not going to do anything about it because I cannot produce the original sales receipt. Seriously? So, as the old saying goes, "Buyer Beware!" This certainly holds true for any dealings with Pampered Chef.

I know I absolutely will not purchase another item from this shady organization.

And, I hope the "Solutions" department reads these posts from time to time, because they need to understand that negative word-of-mouth advertising does so much more to dissuade potential buyers than any snake-oil sales pitch by money-motivated "consultants".

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Woodland Hills, California, United States #1221674

Since 'Pampered Chef' is noted on all their products -- What the ***???


Agree completely! Just had the displeasure of waiting half an hour to speak to their "solutions" department. What a load of ***! WORST - SERVICE - EVER!

I am currently moving and while packing I found a brand new Pampered Chef large bar pan that I received as a gift last year in a forgotten corner of one of my cupboards. I went to wrap it for packing and noticed it had a small manufacturing flaw in one corner where the stone was separated a bit. Since I would be afraid to heat a pan with such a flaw, and since it had been manufactured incorrectly, I decided to seek a manufacturer's replacement. I went to the website stamped on the bottom of the pan to find out exactly what the item it was called and find a contact phone number.

Upon calling the number, a recorded voice cheerfully asked me to my select your options then announced that I had a 30-40 minute wait ahead of me. When I finally reached the customer service person, he was somewhat coarse and rude. He said he would give me an adjustment if I could tell them what sales person and event the pan had come from. I didn't have any of that information, I didn't even have the box. An adjustment to what anyway?

I then made a great effort to explain to the "solution" expert that I wasn't seeking an adjustment, that I really just needed the manufacturer's contact information so I could tell them about the situation. It was obviously a manufacturing defect and any ethical manufacturer would be able to deftly handle the issue and possibly improve their processes as a result of the feedback.

WOW. You'd think I'd just asked to know the color of Obama's underwear! No way no how could I know the origin of the product that was intended to cradle my food! The "solution" expert was not authorized to share such information under any circumstances! Now I was really starting to wonder if I even wanted a replacement (visions of foreign sweatshops toiling to fabricate kitchen wares from whatever sort of materials or questionable origins and safety that they could manage to get their hands on that day began flooding my thoughts as I shuddered). I began to object, and thought the better of it.

All I can say is this company charges quite a bit of money for stuff which it has no intention of standing behind and seems terrified of the thought of you finding out where their products actually comes from. BUYER BEWARE.

Orlando, Florida, United States #683210

It's never been a lifetime warranty. Ever.

UNLESS you're talking about certain products (you don't specify). Also, you do NOT need your receipt. Just call the company and they can look up your purchase.

And it's been that way for several years.

to Anonymous New York City, New York, United States #778740

The fact that all products are not "lifetime warranty" is correct. Too often, people think that, but it is clearly marked in the catalog next to each product.

And even though you may not NEED your receipt, if you have the show/host information.

The company does not keep record of each individual order, except when they are Lifetime Warranty products (certain cookware, and knives).

Would you return an item to a local brick-and-mortar store without a receipt and expect them to take it back?? Very rarely will that EVER be possible these days. People try to take something back 5 years after they bought it, or longer.

Sometimes you just have to contact the person you bought the product from (the consultant). But otherwise, keep the receipt under your silverware drawer.

You can't blame the company for the consumer not taking some responsibility too.

to Anonymous Medford, Oregon, United States #788014

Do you people not read the original posts before commenting? OPer said it was a gift.

So since it was a GIFT, you would not have a receipt, or a show or host information.

Chastising the poster for not having that information is just ridiculous. READ

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #797008

FYI annonymous from Medford... the ORIGINAL post was purchased, not a gift.

The complaint in the first COMMENT was a gift. To quote you, "READ"

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